Our Story + Mission

Founded in 2020 by Salina Morse, Alice + Sage is an Indigenous owned candle company currently based out of the Fraser Valley on the traditional and unceded shared territory of the Stó:lō people; the Sumas First Nation, and the Mastqui First Nation.

Alice + Sage is known for making eco-friendly soy candles and wellness products that are handmade using sustainable sources and practices. 

It's our mission to kindly craft items that light up your life, inspire a connection & are safe for you and your family, your pets, and the earth.

We give back to our community through mentorship, product donations, as well as monetary donations from every sale that goes toward supporting self-identified women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, the Indian Residential School Survivors Society, as well as various animal rescues around the lower mainland.


Meet Salina:

Hello! I am Salina - founder and maker at Alice + Sage.

Growing up on Treaty 2 land in St. Martin, Manitoba, I spent so much of my time outdoors, and have always had a deep love and connection with nature, animals, and spirit. Ever since I was a little girl, I was drawn to the mountains and ocean, so moved out to Vancouver nearly a decade ago, and moved into the Fraser Valley in 2021.

I spent the majority of my 20's working in mental health and supporting folks in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. That's also when I really began my own journey of healing - overcoming my addiction, understanding the effects of intergenerational trauma within my family, and learning how essential self-care and connection is to our entire well-being.

When 2020 rolled around, I wanted to offer a way for people to still feel connected. Scent is our strongest tie to memory, so I began hand-crafting wellness products, each with a scent that tells a story, and creates a connection to a memory, person, place, emotion, or our own spirit. 

One of the questions I have been asked is, “How did you pick the name?”

My grandmother, my dad's mom, Alice, was from Lake St. Martin First Nation, and who all my aunties say I get my dimples from! :)

I also have a cat named, Sir Alice.

He’s the big cutie you see from time to time who likes to supervise what's going on around here, and if you know me personally, you know that he is the light and love of my life!

Everything about ALICE really just represents that love. Family. 

As for SAGE... it represents the wisdom, and connection.

It’s about taking time.

Practicing patience.


Giving thanks.

Showing respect.

Honouring every part of the process.   

It’s always been my personal mission to connect with people, animals & the earth in a kind way. So being able to create wellness goods that light up your life and inspire connection, is truly a dream come true!

Endless thanks & appreciation.

Chi miigwech, 

Salina  xo